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The Queen’s Club provides its members with 3 glass backed squash courts. The section is buoyant with greater numbers attending the weekly activities such as Club nights and entering leagues. The Club offers member coaching and opportunities to play in Club Teams.


As a Club we are thrilled to report that this season squash participation has increased, both in terms of court bookings and attendance for Club activities, including Monday Club Night.

The increase in participation naturally has an effect on court availability and the Squash Committee, in discussion with both Club Members and the Management Team, have been considering ways in which we can improve court availability and Member experience.

We are, therefore, pleased to announce that from Monday 21st April court booking times for Squash will commence 30 minutes earlier in the morning and end 15 minutes later in the evening thus creating an additional booking session. The sessions will remain at 45 minutes intervals throughout the day and this slight change will mean that evening courts will commence at 5.30pm, rather than 6.00pm as present.

From Monday 21st April 2014

Courts Commence: 7.00am (currently 7.30am)
Courts Commence: 10.45pm (currently 10.30pm)
Courts Session: 45 minutes (no change)
Court Fee: £5 per session (no change)

What are the benefits of this change?

  • Evening Peak Time will commence at 5.30pm (currently 6pm) creating an additional 3 Court Sessions per night.
  • Club Night will commence at 5.30pm (currently 6pm) hopefully relieving some of the pressure. 
  • The Schools Programme, during term time weekdays, will end at 5.30pm (currently ends at 6pm), therefore not running into peak time.
  • Team Matches will commence at 7.00pm (currently 6.45pm), thus reducing the likelihood of courts standing empty, for around 15 minutes at peak times, whilst teams arrive.
  • Improved court capacity for Members on match nights, when there will now be a minimum of 6 Peak Time courts available for Members to book.