Fever-Tree 2019, Finals Day

Fever-Tree 2019, Finals Day

To help you plan your visit to the Championships please find below some useful information.

Centre Court matches are due to start not before 1.30pm Sunday.

Security. Security plans are regularly reviewed and this year extra security personnel, resources and measures have been employed. When planning your arrival to the Club please allow additional time for security checks which will include both bag and wand searches. We ask that you and your guests fully co-operate with security staff both on arrival and throughout the day.

Entrance. There are two entrances into the grounds Palliser Road and Perham Road. Please make note of which entrance you and your guests can use.

  • Perham Road: Tickets purchased in East Stand Blocks 19-21 &25 and South Stand Blocks 19 & 21-24 must access the grounds via the Perham Road entrance and will not be permitted access through Palliser Road entrance.
  • Palliser Road: All Members collecting Guest Badges with their guests will be able to access the grounds via Palliser Road entrance. Members and their guests seated in all other blocks will be able to access via Palliser Road entrance.
  • Either Entrance: All Members with Membership Cards and their Guests with Balcony Badges, Patron Badges, Clubhouse Badges or Dining Badges can access the grounds using both Palliser Road and Perham Road entrances.

Membership Card. Please don’t forget to bring your Membership Card with you to gain access to the grounds, Clubhouse and Members’ Enclosure. If you do not have your card you will have to be issued with a new card from the QC Members’ Desk at the Palliser Road Entrance which will result in a short delay and will incur a £5 charge.