The Queen’s Club is a private Members’ Club, which since May 2007 is owned and operated by the Members of the Club.

Application Information

All applicants should be aware that as of Friday 22 March 2019 the Club suspended the acceptance of applications for Full membership (across all ages).

However, applications for the following membership categories remain open:

  • Off-Peak (over 28)
  • Real Tennis, Rackets and Squash (Over 28, Under 28 and Under 22)
  • Squash (Over 28, Under 28 and Under 22)

The waiting lists for these categories of membership are currently estimated as:

  • Off Peak: 8 years
  • Real Tennis, Rackets and Squash: 1-2 years
  • Squash: 6-12 months

When applying for membership at The Queen’s Club applicants are required to apply separately as individual applicants.

All applicants must be proposed and seconded by two existing Members (over 18 years of age), who have been Queen’s Club Members and known the candidate for a minimum of two years. The Proposer and Seconder should not be Members of the same family. Applicants should be aware that Members may only propose or second a total of two candidates in any Club year. The Club also requires applicants to provide a minimum of two additional supporting statements from other Members who are known as a Supporter. There is no limit to the number of times a Member may act as a Supporter in any Club year.

Please be advised that, following the Member acquisition of the Club in May 2007, all new applicants (aged over 28 years of age) will be required to purchase a redeemable share upon joining. The share price is currently £15,000, which is subject to change without notice.

Applying for a Membership at The Queen’s Club

If you would like to apply for Membership, please first contact your Proposer, an existing Queen’s Club Member. The Membership Office will liaise with your Proposer in order to provide the necessary application forms and information.

Please then complete and return the application form to the Membership Office accompanied by a non-refundable Registration Fee of £195. The cheque for the Registration Fee should be made payable to ‘The Queen’s Club Ltd’ or alternatively payment can be made by card / bank transfer. This can be arranged by calling or emailing the Membership Office.