Matteo Berrettini, Champion 2022!

Matteo Berrettini, Champion 2022!

The conclusion of the second doubles’ semi-final match was the first Finals Day action on Centre as Lloyd Glasspool paired up with Harri Heliovaara to take on Rohan Bopanna and Denis Shapovalov. The pairs were closely matched and determined not to lose out on a place in the final later today, as the second set went to a tie break. First to ten points and clear by two would take the spot. Glasspool and Heliovaara earned an early advantage and after some thrilling back and forth across the net, they held strong to defeat the pair from India and Canada. The pair from the UK and Finland would return to Centre Court later in the day to meet Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic, both from Croatia, in the Final.

Coming into the cinch Championships this year, Filip Krajinovic had no expectations for his grass court game and was taking each match as it came. Matteo Berrettini on the other hand, had last year’s title to defend – no mean feat. With a full stadium at Queen’s for the first time since 2019, most of which were firmly behind the Italian, we were poised for a fantastic match. Both players exhibited some fine grass court tennis, and knowing that Krajinovic was not a fan of grass made his shots even more impressive. The two were evenly matched in the first set, but it was last year’s Champion who took the first set 7-5 to and inched ahead. The Serbian gave Berrettini a real run for his money but the Italian continued his form into the second set with the roar of the crowd pushing him on and he served to win the second set 6-4, and his second Queen’s title in a row. What a brilliant game to watch and we look forward to seeing both players at Queen’s in future. Congratulations Matteo Berrettini, the King of Queen’s!

The day’s play was not finished there, as the crowd welcomed Glasspool and Heliovaara back to Centre Court after sufficient rest from their morning win, to face Mektic and Pavic. The former carried their momentum from the morning’s play into the first set, taking it 6-3. Into the second set and the Croatian pair fought back to take it to a tie break, and win – much to the crowd’s excitement! The final action of the tournament would be a ten-point tie break, in which the Croatian pair charged ahead to win 10-6.

Overall, a fantastic and very successful tournament at Queen’s this year. The Club was delighted to welcome spectators back in full force and at full capacity to watch a brilliant display of tennis throughout the week. We hope to see all of the players, and fans, back again next year!

Congratulations to all of the winners, runners up and competitors!


Image: LTA, GettySport